The substitute of NetStumbler for Windows Vista


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NetStumbler is one of the best valued programs by users when they want to find wireless networks in a certain place. However, all those users who used to use NetStumbler in Windows XP and they passed to Windows Vista they've seen how that program is not compatible with the new OS.

Vistumbler has come to fill the blank space left by NetStumbler in Windows Vista, it offers the same functionalities it used to offer for Wndows XP.

Vistumbler finds all wireles networks you'll find around you and it features a list of the surrounding networks and a lot of info about them: activity, MAC address, SSID, signal, channel, authentication, encryption and network type.

Other functionality included in Vistumbler is the support for GPS devices which will interact to localize different Wi-Fi networks and export this data to other format.
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